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October 27th, 2020
11:30am-12:30pm Mountain time (01:30pm-02:30pm EST)

As businesses reopen, new procedures for adhering to screening and physical distancing guidelines and regulations, are critical for minimizing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting your employees, customers, and business. The Ola app and Entry app simplify health screening to assess the risk for COVID-19 and facilitate a touchless check-in experience.

Access Control 
October 27th, 2020
10:45am-11:30am Mountain time (12:45pm-01:30pm EST)

Experience contactless entry can help you control and track visitors and guests for a safer and more secure workspace.

October 27th, 2020
12:15pm-1:15pm Mountain time (2:15pm-3:15pm EST)

COVID-19's impact on building access and how the “new normal” has introduced a need to re-imagine visit management standards and adjust building entry protocols and procedures. Our Contactless Entry Tablets will ensure Safety and health of building occupants, ensure only authorized visitors enter buildings, COVID-19 health pre-screening, compliance and implement controls for entry of authorized and compliant visitors.

Gen 5
October 27th, 2020
1:30pm-2:30pm Mountain time (3:30pm-4:30pm EST)

Angus Systems is developing version 5 of Angus AnyWhere (Gen5), which is an enhanced version to the current one with an improved look and feel of the UI as well as customization capabilities.


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